A Customizable Platform Designed to Help Manage Your Client’s Finances

 The stock market is a complex and daunting subject. It’s all about investing to make a profit. But because of its scary and complicated nature, the fluctuations can make you lose some and gain some. It depends on how to read and understand the market. But as financial advisors, you have to be vigilant because your clients and investors rely on you to help them buy the best ETFs or exchange-traded funds. Besides that, you also have to help them with their financial, estate, and tax planning. It can keep you busy. Thankfully, Bambu’s custom robo advisors are here to save the day.

Robo advisors are the thing of the future. Before, investors were asking for help from financial advisors to guide them in creating the best portfolio. It takes time and money, which is why financial advisors should be equipped with a customized Robo advisor to cut to the chase and let them focus on the more important part of their jobs. Let’s explore how Robo advisors work.

Knowing How a Custom Robo Advisor Can Help You in Your Business

Bambu offers customized Robo advisors to all financial advisors to help them with their work. The term white label means they use Robo advisors to choose the assets that their clients can buy. It’s a very tiring task, which a Robo advisor can do in a few minutes! All your client needs to do is to log in to the software, input their financial goals, how much of their money they can risk, and it will instantly provide results. You can now focus on your other tasks – such as estate planning, tax planning, and financial planning.

You can fully customize your Robo app to work according to your clients’ needs and want to focus on. It provides results based on the exact requirements and specifications you want. It also offers a seamless experience for your clients, packed to the punch with awesome features that make financial planning easy to understand and not so daunting as what most people think it is. Bambu’s BUILD custom Robo advisor is the one who will take care of the burden for you.

How Robo Advisors Changed the World

There are many reasons why Robo advisors are much better to use nowadays. Investors used to hire assistance from financial advisors, which usually costs over 1% of the AUM or assets under management. But with a Robo advisor, you will only need to pay a fraction of that – about 0.25% is more than enough to cover intelligent portfolios. There are many low-cost Robo advisors nowadays made for cost-conscious investors. And the white label Robo advisor from Bambu is also packed with financial planning features, which you shouldn’t miss out on. Financial advisors can still provide advice to their clients with the help of high-quality software.

One other thing, people today rely so much on modern technology and the digital world. There are apps, which people can simply explore and teach themselves with. There’s no need to hire the help of financial advisors, especially with the rise of Robo advisors that you can simply download from the internet and install on their phones.