Advantages and Types of storage spaces

Storages are important to place your valuables. To help you decide whether to choose self storage pattaya or storage units, here are the advantages of both self-storage and storage units.

Self Storages


  • The first advantage of self-storage is you have the flexibility to use it as much as needed. Self-storage spaces are customizable which means you can use them according to your requirements. And as they are stored in one place so you don’t have to find a place for your valuables every time you shift.
  • The second advantage is security. It is obvious that you choose a storage space so that you can put your valuables. Storage space Pattaya does justify its purpose. 
  • When compared, the cost of self-storage spaces is very low compared to storage units. So, you can choose your space according to your needs and budget which is a boon for all.
  • Every time you shift you need to search for a place to put your documents or any other important things. To avoid this issue, you can store storage space to preserve your documents too.


  • The first thing that you need to worry about is natural calamities. There is no guarantee for your goods to be safe even if there’s a calamity.
  • Longer periods of self-storage may result in increased prices. 

Self-Storage Units

Self-Storage Units Are Classified Into 4 Types

  • Climate-Controlled Self Storage

As the name suggests these storages are climate-controlled. They were authorized and are available only for a limited number. These types of storage units are constructed in highly secured buildings. As they are climate-controlled one can store any type of valuables there.

  • Non-Climate Controlled Self-Storage

A bit less expensive type of storage space. These aren’t climate-controlled so the valuables in the storage might get affected due to the weather change.

  • Portable Container Storage

These storage spaces are delivered to your home. The main advantage of these types of storages is that they can be moved to any place. Also, these storages can be used to store valuables that don’t need climate monitoring.

  • Information Management Service

These storages are mostly for businesses. The company providing these types of storage comes to your place, picks up the valuables, and transfers them to the storage warehouses.

So, these are the pros, cons, and types of storage spaces available in the market. Choose the one that exactly suits your budget and requirements.