Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson’s Inspirational Advice On How To Follow Through With New Year’s Resolutions

Pretty much all of us have been through it: setting New Year’s resolutions and then failing to achieve or realize those goals—this is a far too common experience for people today. And the ensuing frustration may at times make us feel pretty bad about ourselves. However, with a little more perseverance and by following through with a well-formulated plan, we may find that securing our new year’s goals are nowhere as difficult as we often tend to think.

Why it is important to have and keep New Year’s resolutions

First of all, the idea of a new year is firmly implanted in our mind as something of a fresh start or a prelude to a new chapter. The last year may have been a fruitful or a disappointing one—or, as it often happens, a bit of both. All the same, we want things to pan out better for the current year, and this is why we make resolutions in the first place.

Of course, with any resolution, failure is always a possibility. However, when it comes to making new years’ resolutions, unfortunately, it has become something of a fad. This means people are often not too serious when setting their New Year’s goals. All the same, failure to achieve those goals will always lead to frustration. If this continues for a few years on the trot, the accumulating frustrations and disappointments may lead to low self-esteem, and this is harmful to a person’s well-being.

This is why it is important that we take our New Years’ resolutions seriously enough and then follow up on them with care and put in the required effort to realize those goals.

Planning on how to follow through with your resolutions: setting up a method

First of all, one must not set goals that are too general. For example, “I want to be healthier this year and will hit the gym religiously”—this type of statement is hardly any good. They may serve as a good starting point, but one must make sure that he goes into the specifics. And writing your resolutions down can be of great help toward this purpose. Writing helps with visualization. So, do not simply make a promise to yourself that you want to attend the gym regularly. Be more specific—such as which gym in your area do you want to attend? What will be the hours? What sort of routines do you want to follow? Sometimes you may need to do a bit of primary research to answer these questions. So, do it. Put up the effort. Getting all of this down on paper will give you a good idea of what you want from yourself and how realistic your goal is.

And this brings us to our next point. The resolutions we set must be realistic. For example, if we know beforehand that our office work will keep us too occupied this current year, then we should simply put off a resolution of our choice until the next year. For example, we may have been interested in taking guitar lessons for some time now. However, ask yourself whether this is really your priority (or one of your priorities) right now and whether you can expend the physical and mental energy required for the endeavor in question.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson’s Advice on How to Keep Your New Years’ Resolutions

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson, the renowned personal injury and family lawyer from Georgia, is also a man of many sides. Before he embarked on his career as a lawyer, the man had already distinguished himself in fields as varied as music, nuclear science, and business administration. He also happens to be a highly decorated military officer.

And Mr. Anthony O Van Johnson‘s advice vis-à-vis New Year resolutions is that we must always set goals that really matter to ourselves. He suggests that we invest some time in deep introspection, and this will help us see clearly and recognize things that are most valuable when it comes to our own well-being. And when we realize deeply enough how a certain endeavor is important to our well-being and happiness, the motivation will already be strong, and we will face little difficulty in realizing our goal.