Common Inclusions & Exclusions of Car Insurance in India

When you buy a new car from the showroom, you cannot start driving it on the roads even if you hold a valid license. You must get your car insured before driving it on the road. You can buy this insurance cover from a general insurance company. It is also possible to purchase car insurance online, from the insurance company’s website. But before you buy a car insurance policy, you must know what is included and excluded in a car insurance policy.


There are mainly two types of car insurance policies in India. One is the third party car insurance cover, which is a mandatory one. It offers you protection from claims that arise from a third-party when your vehicle is at fault. Under this cover, any fiscal liability and any legal repercussion arising out of the accident will be taken care of. However, it will only cover your legal liability for the damage that is caused to a third-party that includes bodily injuries, death, or damage to the third party property when you are using the vehicle. The third-party cover won’t pay for the repair of damage to your car or if you suffer from any car-related injuries.

On the other hand, a Comprehensive Policy will cover loss or own damage (OD) to your insured vehicle. Third-party cover is also included in this policy. It is the own-damages cover part of the comprehensive car insurance policy that will pay you if there is any damage to your car or a case of theft. Coverage is offered against loss or damage caused to your vehicle due to accident, theft, fire, explosion, self-ignition, riots, strikes or act of terrorism, or natural calamities.


When you make a claim, you might not be entitled to the entire claim amount. There are a few exclusions in a car insurance policy. Here’s a list that includes the following situations wherein the loss or damage caused to your Audi A5 Personal Contract Hire is not covered:

  1. A car insurance policy is a yearly contract and must be renewed from time to time. If any damage is caused after your policy has expired, then the loss will not be covered.
  2. If the person who is insured or any other person who has complete knowledge and the consent of the insured drives the car after consuming alcohol or drugs or any other intoxicating substance will be excluded.
  3. If a person who doesn’t have a valid driving license, drives the vehicle, he won’t be included.
  4. Damage caused to the engine due to oil leakage.
  5. If there is a violation of the car manufacturer’s guidelines for the use of a Audi A5 Used Cars and a failure or breakages occurs because of the same, it will not be covered.
  6. A standard motor policy won’t cover any damage caused to your car because of war, terror, attacks, invasion, foreign enemy action, civil war, mutiny, rebellion, hostilities, radiation or nuclear material/weapons.
  7. If the loss caused arises out of an accident or event that was deliberate, it will be excluded from the policy.

Look into the inclusions mentioned above and exclusions before purchasing any car insurance policy. You can also buy a car insurance policy online by visiting your insurance company’s website. Do not forget to compare plans online. Calculate the premium with the car insurance premium calculator online and choose the best car insurance policy for yourself.