COVID-safe strategies for returning to the workplace  

As life is trying to get back to normal as soon as possible, this means that businesses need to take into consideration how they are going to bring their workforce back into office buildings after the global pandemic COVID-19. We need to stay mindful of the new regulations and pressures that this is going to cause companies and their employees.


This is why we have come up with some COVID safe strategies that will make the transition from remote working back into the office a lot smoother.


Updating all of your risk assessments and health and safety measures is crucial when it comes back to ensuring the work environment is safe and up to standard to bring your workforce back to it. They may mean that a lot of risk assessments need to be updated and changed. A facility management company would be able to help with this task and streamline the process for you, so that your company can focus on the other things that matter, like welcoming your amazing workforce back on site.


A lot of people have suffered during this time away from their usual working environment; some people have spent a lot of time on their own and will find it difficult to get back to a so-called normal lifestyle. This means that as their employers their mental health needs to be taken into consideration when bringing employees back to the site.


Some people will be able to make the move back rather easily, but others will find it difficult, so it is good to have some procedures in place to help them. Whether this is hiring a third-party service for them to speak to, using a facility management company to make the office space feel more like ‘home.’ It has been said that some organisations are gradually bringing their staff back to the workplace over 6 months to a year so that they do not get overwhelmed as the productivity rate from working remote has proved to be successful.


Finally, a cleaning service needs to be implemented, whether that be in-house, or you hire externally this is going to be normal practice for the foreseeable future. A lot of people are not terrified of getting infected or more importantly getting someone else infected if they do not show symptoms themselves. Having an extensive and well thought out cleaning schedule for the office building has proven to be very successful in settling employees when they return to the office.


These are a few COVID-19 safe strategies that we have found that can be used to make the transition back to the office a lot easier.