Documents Required for Incorporating a Company in Indonesia

Business registration is essential for creating a brand name because nowadays, it is crucial for any business to obtain a brand name. A brand name is a precious asset of any business, and you have to register your business before getting a brand name. So, first, find out how to incorporate a company

Documents play an essential role in any company incorporation. Documentation instills confidence within your business, among potential investors, and your clients. Correct documentation is very much important for the registration of a company.

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Now let us know about the documents required for registering a company in Indonesia.

Documents Required for Registering a Company in Indonesia

General documents requirements:

  1. Rental agreement between the company and building management.
  2. Building and land tax receipt, including the payment approval of the current year.
  3. Certificate of ownership if the building is owned.
  4. Statement for lease and use space office.
  5. Office photos (minimum requirement: reception, signage of the company & office room with activity).
  6. Company letterhead and copy/sample design for company stamp.

Personal documents requirements:

  1. Foreigner: color copy passport with validity minimum of 18 months and four blank pages.
  2. Local: Indonesia ID card & Taxpayer Identity Number.
  3. Family card.
  4. Resident domicile letter.
  5. A recent photo with a red background.

Shareholder documents specifications (for a foreign legal entity):

  1. Copy of Deed of Establishment and its amendment.
  2. Business registration certificate
  3. Board of Directors structure

Shareholder documents specifications (for a local legal entity):

  1. Copy of company’s documents (Deed of Establishment, tax identity number, domicile letter, business license, or business registration certificate).
  2. Copy of ID card and taxpayer ID number for each local Body and copy passports if any foreigner in it.

Obtaining Work Passes

Foreigners who wish to work in Indonesia need a valid working permit to do so. The labor legislation imposed by the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration has set out the conditions to obtain a working permit.

The Indonesian government also imposed strict employment limits on foreign workers which can make it challenging to bring the workforce in from other countries.

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