Everything You Want To Know When Planning To Relocate To San Jose

San Jose is one of the best places in Northern California. Being the capital of Silicon Valley, it is home to the best technological industries that include Adobe, IBM, and eBay. Due to ample job opportunities, weather, great climate, universities, etc., this city is most sought for relocation purposes.

In this article, we will look more into San Jose, and what do you need to know when relocating to this city.

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Quick San Jose Facts:

  • Population: 1,021,795 (based on 2019 estimate)
  • Official Language: English along with Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, and Tagalog, which is spoken by 1% of residents.
  • GDP Per Capita: $128,308 USD (as of 2019)
  • Currency: US Dollar (US$).

What Is So Special About Living in San Jose City?

San Jose was founded in 1777, and it is home to the Tamien nation. The city is known as the political, cultural, and financial center of Silicon Valley. It has a Mediterranean-like climate. It is also home to the maximum number of billionaires and millionaires in the country.

What Are the Popular Neighborhoods of the City?

  • Walnut Creek is home to ancient buildings that are over a century old.
  • Oakland is home to the busiest port in California.
  • Milpitas is home to several corporate and professional headquarters.
  • Livermore is home to a popular laboratory. The place has an abundance of vineyards, and good schools, that are located throughout the county.
  • Almaden Valley is home to mercury mines. Mainly residential, the valley lies near Santa Teresa, and Los Gatos.
  • Blossom Valley is home to several parks. It is the ideal destination for families.
  • Evergreen is home to four parks. It is recognized for its unbelievable scenery.

Benefits of Relocating to San Jose

Relocation to San Jose can be due to several reasons.

  • The cost of living at this place is less compared to other metropolitan regions in the US that include NYC, Boston, and San Francisco.
  • This is the dream city for all those who are in tech-related jobs. The city has approx. 7,000 established tech firms that include IBM, Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems, and eBay
  • Due to the presence of Silicon Valley, you can get several jobs at this location.
  • The city is highly safe. SmartAsset ranks the city as the 6th safest city in the US in 2019
  • Several shipping companies perform hassle-free relocation to San Jose.
  • The highest median household income is $83,400
  • It is a highly expensive city in the US. Here the monthly average house rent is $2,790 and the average cost of buying a home is $1,800,000
  • San Jose is also the least stressed city in the US. It provides quick commutation, a very low poverty rate, and healthy lifestyles.
  • The weather at the place remains sunny and pleasant throughout the year.


San Jose is truly fascinating. The high job opportunities and numerous tech industries make San Jose a lucrative ground for the relocation of your business. You can also find numerous restaurants, fabulous neighborhoods, and parks that both families and singles will enjoy.