Explore Your Deals with Ebay business Fast Intell

You are probably wondering how to sell on ebay, here is how to post an ad on ebay with all the detailed steps. Ideal for those new to selling on ebay, this article explains how to make a first sale on ebay. First, click on “Sell”:

Choose a title for your ad.

The title of the ebay ad should be catchy, fun and to the point. When people type words in your headline, chances are they will come across your ad. Avoid too vague terms such as:

“Very nice blue pants”

The goal is to use as many words as possible that people will type in their searches. We could instead choose as an ad title:

“Women’s jeans like new straight faded blue size 36 to 38”

By choosing these words, you increase your chances of visits to your ebay ad: people who search for “women jeans 36”, “bootcut jeans 38”, “blue jeans 36” will come across your ad. If you want to sell audio material, avoid choosing the title:

“Very good condition very powerful PA amplifier”

But rather:

“PA amplifier like new 2 x 500 Watts bridgeable”

Here, for the example, the ebay advertisement relates to an inverter for sale: “Unitek Alpha inverter with new battery 12V 7Ah”

Choose the condition of the product to be sold. Click on the small arrow to the right of the field to choose the status “New”, “New: other”, etc.

Choose One or More Photos for the Ebay Ad

Click on “Browse”, choose your photo in your preferred directory then click on “Enter”, then on the “Upload” button (upload or upload the photo to ebay). The next part “Add item characteristics” can be skipped or completed if you know details about your item for sale on ebay. Through fast intell you can get all the analysis for the same now.

Write Your Ebay Ad

Now is the time to write the copy for the ebay ad. Your talent in sales must be revealed now. Remember that the text of the ad should be precise and accurate, while being attractive. To write the ad well, be honest and sincere: do not hesitate to list the faults, malfunctions, small problems of your product. You would not be happy to believe that you are bidding and buying a new product and find that it has scratches, stains or other problems!

Selling Price on the Ebay Ad

After writing your ad, you need to set a starting price or a buy-now price. If you don’t want to pay anything, enter only a starting price for the auction.

Selling Price on Ebay: The Choice Is Yours

A lower starting price will encourage visits (those that sort by price for example, looking at the cheapest first), but you run the risk that the bids don’t go up that much and you have to sell a product for 1 dollar if you want to sell it. There was only one bid on your starting price at 1 dollar. Conversely, a high starting price will generate little bidding, but it guarantees that if the product sells on ebay, it will sell at least at that price.