Finer Choices for the best Herbal Medication Options

One of the main health problems is the irrational (excessive, insufficient, improper) use of medicines. According to the World Health Organization, more than half of patients take medications incorrectly, which leads to a threat to human health. Excessive medication is indicated by the termolipragmasia (from poly“a lot”, and pragma“subject”, “thing”)excessive treatment. The best known drug polypharmacy (polypharmacy) is the simultaneous administration of several drugs. With the iherb クーポン you can have the best choices now.

The Right cases

Cases of polypharmacy are constantly growing, especially the availability of drugs and self-medication. According to the World Health Organization, more than half of patients take medications without going to a doctor and not knowing about their compatibility.

Patients often themselves prescribe antibiotics, laxatives and painkillers, not representing all the consequences of such abuse. Many patients themselves actively take widely advertised dietary supplements. Thus, the patient himself can arrange drug polypharmacy, without notifying the attending physician about what he supplemented with the appointment.

  • Pharmacy workers also make their “contribution” to the formation of polypharmacy, independently recommending medications to patients.
  • It has been established that polypharmacy is found in 56% of patients under the age of 65 and in 73% of older persons. The risk of side effects and even deaths from drug overload in the elderly is 3-7 times higher than at a young age.

The right Studies

Studies of the safety of taking a large number of drugs at the same time in elderly patients have shown that the administration of a large number of drugs increases the risk of developing adverse reactions. So, when prescribing less than 6 drugs, undesirable effects occur in 18% of cases, when prescribing more than 6 drugs, in 80% of elderly patients.

Dietary supplements and even herbs are not harmless in terms of the risk of drug interactions. A situation is possible when the patient independently takes herbal preparations, and this fact “remains behind the scenes”, which is not always safe.

The main way to prevent polypharmacy is the one formulated by the famous therapist B.E. As a rule, “Less medicine: only what is absolutely necessary.”

According to ancient postulates, in the treatment of each individual patient, the principles should be observed: “est modus in rebus” (observe the measure) and “non nocere” (do no harm).

Medicines can not only enhance or destroy each other’s action, but also form toxic substances during the interaction. In addition, the more drugs you take, the higher the risk of side effects. Therefore, polypharmacy is fraught with many problems. You can go for the iherb code hk promo now.

Doctors have a ruledo not prescribe more than three drugs at a time. However, there are exceptions to itfor example, in case of heart disease, patients take for a long time (under the supervision of a doctor) more than 3 medicines. But if any competent doctor is aware of the indications, contraindications and drug compatibility, then self-prescribing are extremely dangerous.

  • A doctor should prescribe treatment with drugs is an axiom that does not require proof.
  • Not all tablets can be drunk together, most tablets should be taken separately, unless otherwise specified, then at least 30 minutes should elapse between taking various drugs.
  • If you are being treated by several specialists for various reasons, they should know about each other’s prescriptions, because trying to treat two diseases at the same time, you can do more harm than good to your body.

The problem is the interaction of drugs. The likelihood of drug interactions depends on how many drugs you take. The larger, the higher the risk of unwanted or dangerous interactions is there.