Five amazing facts of pink diamond

What is a pink diamond? 

For those who have had it for the first time, wearing a diamond is calculated in a type of fancy diamond that has the usual color pink. These types of diamonds Are pink. But it is not necessary that they can be obtained from only nature. Pink diamonds are generally artificially made by coloring those diamonds. These diamonds Are counted as one of the rarest diamonds that are ever found. This is why you will find it expensive as compared to any other diamonds that are present to date. So without wasting much time, let us know some amazing facts about them.

Pink diamond facts

  • The color pink is still a mystery in the diamond

Why pink diamonds Are pink in color is one of the biggest mysteries in the sector of diamonds. However, many theories propose that why these diamonds have the color pink. One such theory directs that the color of these diamonds is pink because they have been gone through extreme pressure of the earth’s crust (land region). But these theories are not proven, and therefore it is still a mystery that why these diamonds Are pink in color. But due to the advancement in technology, the reason will be found out very soon.

  • Highly valuable

Pink diamonds Are 20 times more expensive than those white color diamonds. They are among the most precious color of diamond that can be ever found in the world. The price of 1-carat pink diamonds can go unto $100,000 up to $1 million. This is why only a few of them can purchase such diamonds and not many more! There are many reasons why these types of diamonds Are So valuable. Although to sum up with few reasons, the rate depends on the color intensity, clarity, and shape.

  • They are not made equally

 All pink diamonds are not made equally. There can be various types of variation in each of them. Thank you will not find the same ones again. The variation can depend on very light, graded faint, fancy light, light, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep. Depending upon their variation, the price varies. For example, the more intense the color is, the higher the price will be. This is why you might get a solution to purchase light pink color diamonds so that the price will eventually fall.

  • Harder to polish

You might have heard that diamonds are too hard to polish because of their rough and tough nature. But it is even difficult to polish the pink ones. Argyle pink is genuine Emo harder polish as compared to white ones. They can take 3 to 4 times to polish them.

  • Differently created

Apart from any other diamonds, only these diamonds are created differently. Most of the diamonds are gathered from kimberlite pipes. But pink diamonds Are from the source of volcanic lamproite pipe. This is why pink Diamonds Are expensive than others because the methods used are different from others.