How to very simple PHP Forex API platform

Sooner or later, there will be a day in the life of your developer when you run your web or mobile PHP application with real-time financial data fix api forex.

You will see many options that appear to be valid at first glance, but are ultimately not valid because they are too complex to implement, are not updated (or expensive) every time you need them.

If this day came for you today, we have some good news. Getting data from our rest API with PHP is like this:


You might be wondering why we use PHP CURL, but not the simplest approach, such as the PHP file_get_contents () function – to cite a layered overflow response:

“file_get_contents () is a simple screwdriver. No header, HTTP request, timeout, cookiejar, redirects, and other important things are required. Simple GET requests are great.”

This API is free for all web developers who need to display the most accurate, direct and forex rates for all major currency pairs. The API is simple and easy to use and above all does not require registration! Call the endpoint as described in the API documentation. All we ask is please add a backlink to our site to support our project and allow us to continue to provide this great service for free!


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