Marketing Guide on EdTech Companies

While 60% of marketers have an inbound marketing strategy, most edtech companies have been slow to implement this new approach to customer acquisition. The reality of working in a company that stands out from the rest of the education technology industry is that outbound marketing is a more focused marketing approach. An effective sales and development program (SDR) elevates this approach to a higher level and focuses on establishing initial appointments with perspective.

Defining your target audience and their needs is the foundation of every marketing strategy, including education-based ones. When marketing education technology services, remember who your ideal customers are and their needs and how you can solve them through content. With an inbound approach to marketing in the education technology industry, you can provide relevant and useful information that your consumers and readers can see value.

When creating a marketing plan for your educational technology company, try to start by the bottom and work your way up. Startups, operators, edtech investors and anyone else trying to support a team can try many different marketing approaches. It is important for companies in the early stages to experiment with different marketing approaches and to be ready to fail and learn from experiments. But it is also important to find marketing initiatives that work, generate ROI and help support the growth of the company.

This series of short hands-on guides we have created is not only to identify outstanding marketing talents but also, to help you develop your marketing strategy, stay informed and inspire your environment. Think of it as an edtech marketing resource that you can tap into if you need high-level tips. You may also be interested in joining the curated Edtech Marketing Slack community where EdTech marketers can interact, ask questions and share experiences where they need them.

Colonics, a global education market research firm, recently published a paper on how edtech marketers can harness the power of email to increase engagement, encourage existing learners to take other courses, attract new subscribers, and drive their growth. As one of the founders and global leaders, we have built a team of email marketing experts at Netcore focused on helping edtech companies with marketing campaigns. In this talk, we will help you evaluate, improve and create new edtech email marketing programs.