New age tools and services in shipping you should be aware of!

Shipping had been an early process of trade since ancient times. Goods have been transferred from one continent to the other for a long time now. Previously it was done just through the seas by the ships which was a time-consuming affair and slow process filled with uncertainty.

The recent rise in information technology is reducing the risks significantly and making the process much more streamlined and data-centric. Sellers have now access to real-time updates, data feeds, automatic shipment management systems, credit days, and many other solutions for easier shipping.

Below discussed are a few of these tools and services that help traders around the world reduce risk and improve profits.

Latest export-import news

The trade policies are ever-changing and upgrading with new laws being added almost daily in some parts of the world. With better access to information, traders can now know the different tax rates, and what is legal or more profitable for trade around the world.

Tracking of shipment

This is a fairly recent tool added to the list of helping tools. With developed satellite navigation systems, traders can track their shipments constantly be it on the land, over the sea, or in the air. Tracking helps users anticipate any unexpected delays and take proper time estimates. 

Credit services

Collateral free cheap credit services for shorter durations are now easily available to traders. This not only gives the traders an opportunity to conduct the business uninterrupted but also gives them enough credit days to return the payments within time. 

These low-interest loans can be especially good for new businesses that do not have a lot of money to spend. Users can get credit days for your shipment with Cogoport, an online shipping marketplace aimed to provide the best services.

Freight Services Online

A collection of existing service providers is maintained in a database for easy access to the information. Sellers can now sort and compare different freight services within two points directly online. These are ranked and rated according to their reliability, handling, and speed. 

This gives the opportunity to the owners to avail of the services based on their priorities and books them instantly without any delay. Again, if payment is tough, easy credit days can help to carry out immediate business.

Freight Calculator

An integral tool in the modern era this is helpful for both novice and experienced traders alike. Specifying all the different modes of transport, the kinds of goods to be shipped, their values, the distances they will be traveling and other details like incoterms applied, etc. Traders get an accurate quotation on the amount required for shipping the goods.

Customs Services

These are professionals who can be easily hired from online firms dedicated to the shipping of goods. The custom-house agent as they are called is capable of handling the situation with the customs department for easy shipment of goods. Without proper help, it might be difficult to pass through with the products which might cause delays. The CHA is experienced and therefore knows the exact documents needed for smooth sailing.

Shipment Management Services

These are one-stop shops for getting the easiest and fastest shipping experience. These platforms provide the clients with information regarding the carriers and also what is best suited for their purposes. The firms can also finance or credit money to businesses within fixed credit days. All this is done to provide the clients with the best possible service.

Shipping has now become a very hassle-free process with low risks and standardized procedures. With the use of such smart services and tools, traders can get better returns in the process. These services and tools also help a trader to continuously improve upon his business and be in competition.