NR Bearings: A Much-Needed Component For A Reliable Motion

All machinery components need a smooth connecting of things to move smoothly. Bearings are that indispensable component of machinery that allows it to move in any circumstances. Its design and construction are made to reduce the adjoining machinery components’ friction and facilitate a smooth linear or rotatory motion. There are many types of bearings, of which most of the machines use NR bearings (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide NR, which is the term in Thai). These bearings are used in almost all sectors of industry.

Let us look into the details of these Non-removable types of bearings.

An Overview Of LM-Type NR Bearings

The LM-type NR bearings are the non-removable type widely used in machines following a pre-defined path. You can experience its need in machines like,

  • CNC machines
  • robotics,
  • machines for automated manufacturing process

The non-removable type of bearings ensures the machine is stable and secured whenever it is in linear motion. The design helps the user to avoid assembling and disassembling the machine numerous times between work. It makes the machine more reliable and durable to use. One of the essential benefits of using LM guide NR bearing is that it needs low maintenance. You do not have to repeatedly look after it to repair or maintain it. It automatically increases the life of the machine in which it is used.

Some Features Of LM-Guide NR Bearings

· Low Friction

Even being a non-removable bearing, it minimizes the friction in the machine. It allows the machine to move smoothly and efficiently in a linear motion. And as we all know, if the machine’s friction is low, it will work more efficiently.

· Limited Space Compatibility

NR bearings need limited space for assembly. This compact nature of the bearings makes them suitable for machines in limited space. Also, the LM guide NR bearings include all the bearing features needed so that the quality of work is not compromised even in limited space.

· Higher Accuracy

These non-removable bearings provide higher precision repeatable linear motion. This accuracy provides efficient working in all circumstances, including tight tolerances.

Applications Of NR Bearings

Because of their compact and closed design, the bearings are widely used in CNC machining. The high-precision feature allows the machine to move with maximum accuracy.

Moreover, in the biomedical sector, these bearings are used. The NR bearings contribute a lot to robotic surgery systems and imaging equipment. Also, in automated manufacturing, NR bearings provide precise outputs.