Using the Lac Wax Seal and Learning About Wax Seal

Seals are one of the most important things, especially when we are mailing a confidential letter to someone. Since ancient times, sealed letters were used, which symbolised confidentiality and ensured that only the recipient of the letter opened it and no one else. But gone are the days when seals of wax or lac were used. But these days, especially when sending confidential letters, wax is not used for several reasons. Besides all of that, it doesn’t mean that the seals are totally out of style. It is still in fashion, and many people who write letters love to use the seals as a form of fashion.

Getting Scuffed in the Machine

There are two types of seal wax that are in use today. The lac seal is one, and the wax seal is another. People who mostly use the wax seal have this common question: will a wax seal make it through the mail? So, a wax seal can be used on the letters or on the envelope in which you are sending the letters. But there are high chances that it will be scuffed by the sorting machines of the modern day. There are different colours of wax sealing liquid that you can get, one of the most popular wax sealing liquid or wax is the golden colour wax. It looks very beautiful and looks trendy also, compared to the lac wax which is in red colour.

The letter should be sealed.

One of the best ways in which you can use the wax seal is not to put the seal on the envelope outside, which is likely to get scuffed in the machine, but rather seal the letter by folding it or by stamping a small seal in the end of the letter. Then, the letter will be inside the envelope, so there will be fewer chances of damage. Apart from that, if you are doing it for a fad or a new style, then you can use the wax seal for this. But the reason why wax seal doesn’t last long and breaks or cracks is because it becomes hard and cold after that and is likely to crack in the machine, but that’s not the case with lac wax.

Best Wax Seal: LAC or Lacquer

If you want to send a very important letter and want to seal it completely, then use the LAC wax seal. This is one of the most trustworthy red waxes that has been used for ages, then use the LAC wax seal. This is one of the most trustworthy red waxes that has been used for ages. When you burn it, initially the sides of the wax stick will become black, but red liquid wax will come out, and you can use that to put a seal on it. This is one such kind of sealing wax that is hard to tamper with. And it doesn’t get scuffed in the machines if you don’t put anything fancy on the seal, like feathers or rose petals.

Put the seal on the letter.

Besides all of that, if you want to send a fancy letter to someone and stick feathers, rose petals, other leaves, etc. on the wax seal, you can either use candle wax or lac wax for sealing, but make sure that you seal it on the outside of the letter and not on the envelope. I hope your sealed letter is undamaged, whether you use wax, lacquer wax, or whatever method you use.