What is a Backdoor and How does Backdoor Work?

In order to understand the concept of backdoor, think about a physical backdoor which is usually considered as a safer and easier way for a burglar to enter into a house instead of using the front door to get into the house where there are several risks of getting caught by security cameras and security systems. The concept of computer backdoor, as well as backdoor password, are similar to the burglar who prefers to rob the house by using the backdoor. In the contemporary world of cybersecurity as well as numerous security breaches, the concept of backdoor refers to a method or any types of methods by which both authorised as well as unauthorised users get access to the computer system, it’s software application as well as network. As the manufacturers or the authorised and legitimate users of the computer system use backdoor through a protected and often secret backdoor password in order to set up the computer in times of trouble, so also the cybercriminals after getting into the system can use the backdoorto steal data and information and hijack the system by installing malware.

Therefore, backdoor users are not all bad persons as software and hardware manufacturers also need and use backdoor for proactive and progressive purposes. However, in any situation backdoors are not going to be outdated and risky and therefore not needed. They are as essential as any operations of the computers. On the other hand, backdoor incidents were the 4th most used methods for the hackers to steal data and information of both businesses and general consumers in 2018 across the world. As per a report, the backdoor threats increased from 34% to 173% in 2018 and previous years.

The backdoor can be an intentional act of the manufacturers or operators of software and hardware or can be also a result of malware functioning inside the system. The backdoor in the context of hacking is generally the trojan which is a malicious software under the disguise of a no danger purposes. On the other hand, exactly like the Trojan Horse of the ancient Athens and Sparta the trojan always appears with a surprise malware attack. The trojans can come in any disguise such as an email attachment or in the form of a download, but the purpose is to deliver any number of malware or any other types of threats. In one of the instance, the attackers sent the malware hidden under a file converter and the download of the converter was solely designed to open a backdoor for the target system.