Which factors determine the price of lab-made diamonds?

Just like mined diamonds, the prices of lab-grown diamonds do fluctuate a lot. As far as high-end jewelry is concerned, diamond is the top choice. However, people do hesitate between mined diamonds and natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds look similar to of natural diamonds as they exhibit similar chemical and physical properties. If you’re planning to buy cultured diamond engagement rings, you should know that the price of artificial diamonds is 20-30% less than their natural counterparts. However, as mentioned above, the price of artificial diamonds fluctuate in the same way as the natural diamonds.

Take a look at this guide to understand the factors which can impact the price of cultured diamonds.

Shape– Round brilliant shape is one of the most popular and expensive diamonds. This is mainly because this shape imparts more shine and brilliance. Some of the other expensive shapes include- Asscher cuts and oval cuts. In this context, you should know the meanings of cut, carat weight, and color.

Cut– The price of the diamond will be based on the cut. An ideal cut will always be costly than a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ cut diamonds.

Carat– Carat is the weight measurement unit and it significantly affects the price of the diamond. The heavier the stone, the greater will be the price.

Color– Cultured diamonds are graded on a scale of D to Z. This grading is given to ascertain the color of the diamonds. For instance, D means colorless while Z colored diamond has a slight brownish or yellowish color. Remember the diamonds having better color grades will have a higher price tag as compared to the others. When buying engagement rings; try to choose the G-J range because this range is budget-friendly when compared with D, F, and E colored diamonds.

Clarity– As the term suggests, clarity means cleanliness, inclusions, and transparency. Diamonds that aren’t transparent enough will cost more than the ones which have visual imperfections.

Certification– Though this factor doesn’t affect the diamond price directly; it ensures that you are paying for the right thing. Every diamond that you purchase should be certified by a reputable lab.

Are lab-grown diamonds a perfect choice for your new bride?

Though lab-grown diamonds do not have a resale value, it is a budget-friendly option as far as wedding engagement is concerned. Usually, engagement rings have higher sentimental value and no person will like to sell them in the future. A wedding ceremony is itself a huge investment so you need to be very calculative. Lab-grown diamond rings are a sustainable choice and the best part is that both natural and lab-grown diamonds have similar properties and appearance. No matter whatever the price fluctuation might be, it can never be as expensive as natural diamonds. So if you want to surprise your bride, opt for artificial diamonds. Remember, these diamonds are also available in a wide range of colors so you can also go with color options. Get more lab created diamonds info from the internet or you can read few blogs as well.