Why Should Stores Pick Mannequins Over Flat-Laying?

For brands that are mostly on the retail front finds it challenging to present their clothing. There is no guideline on how to place the clothes rightly to garner more attention. However, trying through these years has shown that clothes displayed through mannequins attract more eyeballs and footfalls as compared to the ones that are flatly laid. So here we are going to help you understand this by drawing a comparison and making choices will get easier for you.


They are used on almost every storefront and mostly for garments and other apparel. Multiple types of mannequins can be put to use. Invisible mannequins are used best for the stores which want to put forward a hollow man effect through their merchandising. This can also be used by brands for their product photography. This is known to heighten the visual effect of the clothes, makes them feel as if they are worn by individuals.

Though the method of styling is pretty simple, it takes consistency and expertise to make the draping look surreal. The mannequins are not at all expensive and you will get a lot of options to pick from. You can also opt for modular mannequins that are easily detachable and movable. You can take out the sections or replace them with others like the way it suits your representation. These mannequins are greatly helpful in showing the minutest details about the clothing.

The Benefits

  • They can very well explain the features of the clothing you put on display.
  • They are very easy to style and you can get it done pretty quickly.
  • The customers can visualize themselves wearing these outfits.
  • They are very much affordable and last really long
  • They are mobile, removable, and easily customizable.

Flat lay

These are a common choice for almost every retailer. They provide you versatility and are pretty much easier to organize and display. Though the products on flat lay can be combined with several backgrounds, it does not give a very realistic appeal. The customers do not get attracted to the products instantly. They take a lot more time in arrangement than expected. There are also high chances of them looking very distorted.

To not get stuck on styling grounds, pick the best Displetech mannequin commerciaux and design the store just like you want. Choose from a wide range of mannequins to style your store.