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Enterprises operate in what is called a heterogeneous IT environment. There are on-premise solutions, but there’s also cloud. Hybrid environments do have many advantages, including cost reduction, but there are concerns related to cybersecurity that cannot be ignored. Businesses are responsible for protecting data they gather, and any kind of data breach, or network security issue, can lead to serious consequences, including legal cases and civil suits. In such situations, the company is expected to prove its case, for which they need the help of digital forensics. With help of Elijah digital forensics investigator, companies can manage to do better with their stance towards cybersecurity too.

What’s the role of a digital forensic investigator?

It is important to first understand the relevance of digital forensics. Data is always stored on a device. That could be a computer, a server on the cloud, or a mobile device. If data has been corrupted or leaked, the source must be determined, and sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to retrieve the data. A digital forensic expert specializes in investigating digital evidence, but it all starts with collecting the evidence first. Investigators have the necessary tools, procedures and techniques to get the job done, and they often use their experience to prove a case and create reports, which can be admissible in the court for a legal case. They may be further asked to come and testify.

Does our company need digital forensics?

Given the increasing number of cybercrimes, your company will need digital forensics, not merely because you are expecting a breach or possible legal suit. Often, digital forensics is used as a means to test IT & network integrity. Companies that specialize in the field often double up as consultants and offer assistance with improving cyber security. If you haven’t really used digital forensics so far, chances are high that you may have to use it for internal investigations. Finding the right company for the job is particularly necessary, and you have to ensure that the company has worked with clients and cases similar to yours. Case studies can be really useful in that context, and you can also choose to review them based on their years in the industry and public reviews.

The need for digital forensics is only going to expand, and the scope extends beyond proving facts in the court. Talk to a digital forensic investigator to know in depth.