How can your social media channels improve your SEO

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted ways brands used to gain followers of their business in the days of years gone by. Today, word of mouth just might be the begin all and end-all of your business. People talk now more than ever – to each other as well as to other brands and all this chatter is done online.  To keep ahead on the social media channels and improve your SEO you just need to make sure that your business is part of the conversation.

A quick tip, having a party emoji in your posts shows that you are presently in a delightful mood and that you wish to celebrate a successful sale or signed contract is always one of the keys to bridging the gap between you and your customers. Always communicate back to them and have proper engagement.

Social media channels aren’t directly linked to your search engine optimisation (SEO) rating, but they play a pivotal role. When your business creates a profile on a social media platform to interact with customers and potential customers, your business able to be included in online conversations. Social media channels are, essentially, other forms of search engines. People almost always look to the social media pages when considering a brand before deciding whether it’s worth looking at purchasing from the company. Once they decide on what they want, they look for this particular business via search engines which ultimately improves your ranking. 

What social media can do for your SEO

Having a strong social media presence that interacts with your customers on a daily basis can get you the following on social media that you need for your business. There are several ways you can use social media channels to your advantage to beat out your competition. 

Here are a few reasons why your social media channels can improve your SEO:

  • Your solutions gain followers – The new socializing is done via social media. People use their social media platforms to not only share their interests but to find the solutions they need to solve their problems. Be it the problem of finding the perfect shoe for the glamping festival they’re going to or the problem of finding someone who understands all the numbers on your payslip to do your tax returns. Once your brand has a website or any online presence then, you need to create a solid presence on the social media channels that will speak to potential customers about that great product or service. Once people start following you on social media, they’ll follow you to your website.
  • Leads your brand – Your social media presence can label you the industry leader in your field. Consistent interactions on your social media channels start to place your brand top of mind when customers search for your specific product or service on search engines. Understand and learn where your customers hang out on social media and stay connected to them there.
  • Gives your brand authority – Building the stance of authority takes time and involves interesting and reliable content. Consistent, relevant content on your website gives you clout for whenever a person online decides to click on your social media links. Having regular conversations about your specialty on social media helps you become an authority in your field. When customers visit your site and find exactly what they were looking for, you become the go-to for all things in that field.
  • Gives you insight into your audience – People use social media to showcase their personality, whether they intend to or not. They do this in order to find like-minded people who will share things with them they would, otherwise, not have seen. Having a social media presence as a business helps you become one of the friends’ people talk to about the things that ail them or excite them. Through various interactions, you can get a clear picture of who your audience is and what kind of content they enjoy.
  • Gives your content reach – Many conversations are happening at any given time, online, throughout the day. Having a social media presence can put you in the room but, what you say, can make you stand out in that room. And if people enjoy what you have to say, they will feel the need to share. This expands the reach of your content exponentially as it can travel around the world in just seconds.

You may not get ranked by the clever phrases you post on your social media channels, but you’ll get noticed when you use your social media channels to improve your SEO. Creating a brand is about being seen and heard. Take the time to get social with your audience and you’ll get the traffic you want clicking through to your website.