Key Elements of Photography

Every aspect of life has its building block, the basis upon which other things are built. In photography, light and color are the key elements. You know how important oxygen is to life? Same is light to photography.

This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but what is photography without light? No matter the effect you want to create, even if you’re taking pictures in the dark, light has a paramount role to play and the interesting thing is that light interferes with colors!

Lighting in Photography

Lighting in photography is more than just illumination, it is an expression; an expression of emotions and thoughts. With the appropriate lighting, one can actually hear the picture! Hence, you don’t only need enough light, you need the appropriate light.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor photography, you need to be creative with the lighting. A particular picture can portray different meanings when exposed to varying intensity and angle of light. However, you can always edit and enhance your photos with various applications such as found in this link https://photolemur.com

Colors in Photography

As stated earlier, light interferes with colors. Just as light expresses emotions and feelings, colors determine how warm or cool a picture is and also gives a hint on the emotions of the photo. In photography, there are warm and cool colors. Warm colors are red, orange and yellow; while cool colors are green, blue and violet.

Both warm and cool colors are attractive, however, warm colors attract more attention and are rarer than cool colors. Warm colors have a strong effect, that’s why even the slightest touch of warmth makes the picture stand out.

On the other hand, cool colors are calm and gentle. They portray more of nature and you are likely to capture them in almost all your photos. However, a little touch of warmth in the cool colors can create a different impression all together.

It’s not just about having the right lighting and color combination; it’s about harnessing them to create a lasting effect.