Watch Live Sports and TV shows on your phone

Living leisure time to the fullest. You name it Fubo TV got it! Losing interest in your cable TV? Well then turn those eyes aroundand get onboard with a non-stopping entertainment galore with Fubo TV. Be among the cord cutting audiences to witness the never boring list of absolute amusement that doesn’t require any plug ins. We are not talking of ten or twenty channels in here, it’s over a hundred channels that have our eyes rolled out at. It’s an entire package of fun right inside your phone. Yeah as long as you got yourself a compatible device you are allowed to experience TV like experience from the comfort of your phone.

The most popular ESPN sports channel is added into the 40 sport channels list only to raise your adrenaline levels sport lovers! Pleasure pumping moments from a good game are truly priceless feels. Clearly Fubo TV is a 40 percent sport dedicated streaming app. Which already makes it super active among sporty people. All in favor of sports vote Fubo TV! With no doubt it definitely provides and promotes the highest quality of entertainment under every genre. That is why Fubo TV is actually a tad bit high on their pricing rates used for their subscriptions.

David Gandler, Alberto Horihuela and Sung Ho Choi are the 3 developers who co-founded Fubo TV in January 2015 and updated recently on March 2021. Although Fubo TV originally was focused on soccer games, it later added in a mix of entertainment, live news and sports of course.

Fubo TV app for Android and TV BOX

You can download this app for any Android TV box including Fire TV devices using your favorite TV store like Play Store, Filelinked, Aptoide TV and etc. You can watch your favorite content on any device including phones and tablets. You can use your default app store on your device or third-party app stores like AC Market to install this app.

A week of free trial is granted to our fellow Fubo TVusers, later on users will have to select a subscription to continue watching. The plan of fubo family bundle subscription is at 64.99 dollars per month. Which enables more than one member in your home to stream into fubo at the same time. Another unique feature is that six people can create their accounts under a single subscription. Three synchronized streams are added with fubo family bundlefrom where you can add on more streams but that will cost you an extra fee. Expensive but premium features will never come in cheap. Recording is old news eh? but what about having the facility to replay any show, movie or game back from the last three days? WOW!Also, there’s a 300 cloud DVR space available on each Fubo TV account. If you need more space you simply need to upgrade and receive up to 500 DVR space! Fast forwarding those annoying advertisements are another plus point in here. One app with loads of possibilities.

This 4.3 star rated app is a very promising replacement on cable TV. All you got to have is a jet speed internet connection while using Fubo TV to avoid any buffering. If your device performance is so poor to handle HD content, you can use performance booster application like Clean Master.