Can You Still Get Compensation After A Car Accident If You Were Not Wearing A Seatbelt?

Humans are prone to make errors, and sometimes in a lapse of judgment, you might have forgotten to put on your seatbelt before driving. However, it is against the law, and it will affect the value of the compensation you would have received had you worn your seatbelt. You are still eligible to receive compensation if the other driver’s negligence caused the accident. 

With the help of an attorney that specializes in car accidents, you can determine the value of the claim you should file and how you should follow through with the legal procedure. Car accident attorneys Los Angeles help investigate every cause and a minor description of the accident to defend you in court. 

How Does It Affect Your Claim?

The Law of Contributory Negligence 

In an occurrence where your own actions have contributed to the injuries you suffered along with that of the opposite driver in the accident, it is known as the law of contributory negligence. It is applied when you’re partly at fault for the damage you suffered. 

  • Damage to Your Health – The lack of a seatbelt might amplify the pain and injuries inflicted on you by the other driver’s irresponsibility, and insurance companies might refuse to pay the entire amount of medical expenses you incurred. Attorneys prevent them from reducing your compensation excessively and present an accurate estimate of your damages along with evidence from medical experts stating your injuries. 
  • Other factors: Other factors such as your property damaged in the accident and the wages you lost by missing your job hours due to recovery are also influenced by this. 

How Does It Help To Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

  • Legal Counselling – A car accident attorney collects relevant information about the case, and you must tell them everything you remember so that they can establish the framework of your case to defend you. They make you aware of your legal rights, and you can consult them regarding any legal queries you have.  
  • Evidence – A good lawyer will prove your economic and emotional damages and appeal for necessary compensation and reduce the percentage of the opposing insurance company that tries to minimize your reimbursement. Additionally, they collect evidence from multiple resources to confirm your statement. 
  • Knowledgeable – Lawyers are skilled and efficient, and use tactics that they achieved through years of experience in court to ensure that you receive proper compensation to settle your losses. They have deep insight into your case and relevant laws and take any precautionary and important measures required.