How Recruitment Agency Supports In Finding Suitable Jobs?

Getting placed in a good company with a decent job profile can be approached differently by different people. Some candidates prefer to apply directly to a company while a few others would recommend going through a recruitment agency.

If you are thinking of applying directly through the companies then here are some factors you should think about.

Advantages of applying directly to a company

* Knowing the hiring manager in the company can help you apply smoothly. In fact, it’s a good sign if the hiring manager wants to involve HR. This shows that you have a positive chance of getting through.

* Applying directly though the company also means that your resume finds a place in the company database and this makes you a potential choice for the company in the future.

* You can also apply through other employees in the company who will readily take responsibility of sending your resume to HR.

Disadvantages of applying directly

* If you are not acquainted with the hiring manager then your chances of making it to the interview are bleak as your CV will just end up with the company database but no one might look through it.

* In case you have applied for more than one vacancy in the same company then the HR will be able to see the same at your profile and this might create a different impression about you as they might think you are highly desperate for a job.

Applying through recruitment agencies is another ball game altogether.

Advantages of applying through recruitment agencies:

* It helps you get informed about some of the pricier vacancies and if you are suitable then you can be rest assured to be selected for pre-screening and screening episodes. This might sound strange but most companies without an HR department prefer to hire a recruitment agency for some of the best job openings.

* With a recruitment agency, you are in safe hands. Even if you don’t have enough connections in a company, you can rest assured that your recruiter has connections with HR in the company and this can pave better avenues for you. Having some contact with HR is a very quintessential factor.

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