How to Combine Paid Advertising with Organic Efforts in Social Media

Social media is an advertising powerhouse. It has grown to such an extent that it’s possible for a brand to get by with no paid advertising at all. But of course, not everyone can afford to operate on the assumption of organic success alone. 

The next best solution might be joining forces and combining organic efforts with paid advertising with the help of a trusted Social media marketing agency. This way, brands can get the best of both worlds and potentially reduce wasted resources while increasing revenue. Here’s how to do it:

Know What You’re Up Against

One of the most important things to think about when using both strategies simultaneously involves your target audience. As you probably know, different social media networks are designed for specific demographics. This fact should guide your choice of social media paid advertising platform as well as the types of posts made on your business’s social media accounts.

For example, suppose you sell a product that requires special knowledge to understand and use correctly. In that case, you probably want to advertise on social media networks with a large number of older adults, like Facebook.

Have a Strong Initial Budget

One of the biggest mistakes that many brands make when using paid advertising in social media is that they don’t have a large enough budget. Before you even begin thinking about using paid ads, you need to decide how much money you’re willing to spend on the strategy or in collaborating with a Social media marketing agency. The more money you put into your social media advertising plan, the better results you’ll get. 

Don’t forget that having a big initial budget doesn’t mean that you can spend your way to success. In fact, one of the most important benefits of social media for business is that it provides a more personalized platform for customers to interact with your company.

Develop Streamlined Landing Pages

Businesses use paid advertising in social media without creating landing pages that match their ads’ call-to-action. In other words, these businesses pay money to have ads appear in a targeted newsfeed without creating a direct link between their social media advertising and the landing page they want that ad to lead people to.

This strategy never turns out well for a company unless it’s using an extremely large advertising budget. Returning visitors are one of the most valuable assets for an online business. Even if you get a person to see your Facebook page, there’s no guarantee that they’ll return later to look at it again. 

When people come back to visit your social media accounts, they expect to find new content in their feed that is relevant to them based on their previous interactions with your business. This is where creating streamlined landing pages comes into play.

Before you spend even a single dollar on paid advertising in social media, create a page that clearly states what customers can expect to find if they click through to the page from an ad. The goal here is to make it as simple as possible for customers to know where to find your company in the social media network they’re currently in.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

The biggest mistake companies make when using paid advertising in social media is focusing on quantity over quality. It’s better to have five people see your company’s post and like it than fifty people see it and ignore it.

When you focus on quality, you increase the chances that your ads will be seen later on. People who interact with your content are more likely to see any future content created by your business. When they return to Facebook (or whichever social media network you’re using), they’re going to expect to see new content from you which is relevant to their interests.

Analyze Your Results

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when using paid advertising in social media is that they don’t analyze their results. There’s a big difference between analyzing your results and simply seeing how many people interacted with your posts. If you’re using a Facebook page as your social media profile, you can analyze how many people liked each post and also see what specific posts led to the most likes.

If you want to make sure that all of your hard work pays off for your company, try analyzing the results from every ad you publish on a regular basis. The more you analyze your social media advertising, the easier it’ll be for you to adjust your overall strategy. 

If you use Facebook as your primary social media network, third-party tools are available that make it even simpler to see how much money you spent on each ad and what kind of results each ad gets.


In conclusion, combining paid advertising with organic social media is a great way to boost your reach and multiply your revenue at the same time. Even if you don’t have much experience or resources to dedicate to this kind of campaign, these ideas can help you get started right away.