Jerome Karam Introduces College Of The Mainland Expanding In New League City

College of the Mainland [COM] is set to expand, having reached an agreement with Friendswood attorney and real estate guru, Jerome Karam. Karam is to lease 27, 570 square feet at 1411 W Main St, formerly League City United.

Jerome Karam is not a new name in real estate in Texas and Louisiana. He first came into limelight as an attorney who specialized in business litigation and accident injury cases. He later ventured into real estate specializing in remodeling, converting, and renovating old buildings.

His resilience and passion have made him one of the most prominent developers and real estate investors for over twenty years. To date, his company, JKM5 Holdings LLC, has remodeled at least abandoned retail facilities and managed to convert at least twelve apartment buildings into spacious condominiums.

Jerome Karam Friendswood’s outstanding talent for renovation has been instrumental in giving a new lease of life to the mainland’s business community that thrives around the Texas mainland’s Mall. This is noticeably so after the 2008 hurricane that brought the Mall to its knees when Karam redeveloped the ruins into several commercial units.

These units include the World Gym, which is the largest in Texas, The High Altitude, which is the largest trampoline park in the US and other successful units. His ability to pull the impossible projects saw him earn the title,” Dr. Impossible,” bestowed upon him by the mayor of Galveston County.

Jerome Karam Friendswood has been involved and behind numerous projects that have had an impact on the people of Texas and Louisiana. He believes in contributing to society and providing more venues. He is known to build aspired business domains out of failing assets such as old supermarkets as well.

Apart from his business obligations, Jerome is a well-known philanthropist. In Louisiana, he has been a great contributor to many welfare programs. Recently, he has been involved in the expansion of the College of the Mainland, a public institution in Texas. The institution offers degrees and certificates in 14 different fields. The institution also has an open admission policy.

During the institution’s regular meeting in December 2019, the board of trustees approved the leasing of a new facility in League City. The approved facility will be a secondary site to serve general and credit classes in League City, Friendswood, Kemah, and other regions in Galveston County.

All expenses for this project, including lease, personnel, and utilities, will be funded through fees and tuition, and no monies and property taxes will be used. Furthermore, this new facility will be an income generator for the college.

As programs in the main League City site have already reached their capacity, the new 27, 570 space will replace the existing North County Learning Center, whose lease expires in 2021.

The League City has been instrumental in the mainland. It continues to have a strong presence at the college, with about 41 percent of the overall student population and 63 percent of credit dual enrolling from north of Galveston County. The new facility will be a convenient alternative for these students as well as Interstate 45.

In one briefing, the president of COM, Dr. Warren Nichols, affirmed that the institution would continue to provide quality educational opportunities to the service district. He noted that their dual credit program has been soaring, and as such, they will remain diligent in supporting the growth in every segment of the college community.

COM’s primary dual credit program site, situated on the college’s main campus, will continue to serve the students in the south of Galveston County. The address of the new League City is 1411 West Main Street and is expected to open in the summer of 2020.