Seeking Compensation for a Soft Tissue Injury: How Insurance Companies May Dispute Claims

A lot of car accidents can damage the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Victims of these accidents could sustain strains and sprains as well as back, neck, and head tears. These injuries affect the soft tissue and can result in chronic pain and limited mobility that can change a sufferer’s life instantly. However, no matter how serious these injuries are, insurance providers may still deny or devalue a victim’s claim. That is why they should have a houston car accident attorney on their side. A great attorney knows the severity of soft tissue injuries and how costly their treatment can be. 

How Insurance Companies Approach Claims Related to Soft Tissue Injuries

Insurance providers will always find a reason to deny or devalue an injury claim. Because of this, it is usually hard for victims to recover a reasonable amount of compensation for their soft tissue injury claim. Insurers always think that these types of injuries are exaggerated. Because a soft tissue injury may not present symptoms in X-rays or MRIs, proving it can be hard. Doctors will only depend on the patient to explain how they feel and respond to treatment. 

Often, insurance providers already have a set range of compensation offers for those with soft tissue injuries. Once their offer is rejected, they may not be willing to work with the claimant on another settlement. So, for victims to recover compensation, they need to understand how these providers view their claims. 

Validating a Soft Tissue Injury Claim

Although an injury lawyer can handle the legal process for a victim, the latter must take steps to strengthen their case. For instance, they need to seek medical care after they sustained the injury. The doctor will document any statements from the victim in their medical record. The existence of a medical record will make it harder for insurers to dispute the link between the victim’s injury and the accident. Waiting some time to seek treatment will only provide an insurance company with the time to dispute this link. 

Once the victim gets the treatment they need, they should attend any follow-up appointments. They should also follow their doctor’s instructions and recommendations. Sticking to their treatment regimen will help in proving the severity of the injuries. Otherwise, the insurer will use this as a reason for devaluing the claim. In addition, victims must not exaggerate their injuries when they speak with their doctors, lawyer, or insurance company.