Significant Mistakes of the rookie CFD traders

CFD trading can become very effective for investors as it can show the path towards success. But should make any mistake because of carelessness. Thousands of investors are making a handsome income utilizing the trading platform and hundreds of new traders are joining here every day. This marketplace has touched the milestone of 5 billion dollars in the case of a daily transaction and getting expanded gradually.

Online investors are getting attracted by this opportunity as it helps them to keep their funds in a safe place. But, like everything this marketplace is not free from the common problem. Amateurs can lose themselves in the vastness of this platform. According to statistics, the success rate in extremely low in the CFD trading business. So, we recommend the new traders to stay cautious about silly mistakes at trading.

Our experts have found some common mistakes which are mainly occurred by the beginners during the execution of the trade. If these mistakes are avoided, an investor can surely take one-third of his investment as a return.


To be a successful trader, beginners must have proper planning from the beginning. Without a perfect SWOT analysis regarding CFD trading, it may be impossible for the investors to reach their goals.

The planning should in pen and paper so that necessary changes can be made whenever necessary. A planning work as the blueprint to increase the performance. CFD market you can check here is an extremely volatile market and no one may tell what will be the next trend. Keeping a plan helps to be prepared for all types of situations to handle. It is found that some of the newbies are very reluctant to make a plan for the trading and as a result, they may not make enough profit from the execution of their trades. You can check here and know more about structured planning to take the trades with low risk. As you gain more education, you should be able to create a proper plan for your trading career.

Trading mindset

Beginners do not take trading as a business. Since they don’t have the business mindset, they get very excited easily. A little amount of profit may make them emotionally excited and they can be convinced to invest more without any proper research.

Professionals do not care about the profit and loss intermittently as they take trading as their business. If they make a profit, they get prepared for the next trades and check the faults he had done in his previous trade. Experts know how to control the mind by keeping the emotional balance. Always remember, an emotional decision can destroy the work of months and create by critical situation.

Trading journal

Keeping a journal helps to find out the historical track to make the trading strategies better in the future. This journal should be in a written form where we will note down our activities regarding CFD market analysis. An expert can write down his trading activities according to dates and note down what step he is taking based on which indicator.

Newbies are very lazy to maintain a trading diary or journal for their trades and lose all the records later for not having any dairy. Professional check their journal everyday morning before the execution of any trade.

Not Using the Stop-loss order

Setting up a stop-loss order, in the beginning, helps the investors to have the best timing to close the trade automatically. This is a technical process that helps the trader to set a stop profit point in advance so that it may close the trade in the downtrend.

To the bottom line, we may say that FX trading is not that tough as it may seem. Because of some ignorance, we take it very hard, and with our endeavor to avoid the mistake, profit goals may easily be achieved. Experts try to be focused always to avoid common mistakes at any cost so that they can be safe from a major loss.