Prospering Through Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, fear grows and determines our behavior and choices. We envisioned the potential collapse of everything we knew, understood, and believed. We fantasize that we will end our lives as a “bag lady” or a homeless street person living in a cardboard box in a refrigerator. Our reflections inevitably represent us in a distant future, dangerous, devoid of everything.

Why we humans use these self-torture remains a mystery, even if we do. We talk to each other, enthusiastically expanding our feelings of panic and scaring ourselves and others. We are definitely not thinking about going ahead, trying new companies, or expanding. Most of us are content to huddle like sheep, trembling with fear, afraid of taking risks or taking risks. Yet great fortunes are made at uncertain times when most are paralyzed with fear.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by inaction, here are some ideas.

  1. Pay close attention to any trends you may have as you project your capabilities into a fearful potential future. Stand firm on your feet in the current weather. Yes, it all seems vague, but it’s always true.
  1. Control the entrance to your mind. If radio and television turn your fear into terror, ration your use. Become aware of what causes fear to turn into a crescendo of suffocating emotionality. Exercise control and surveillance. No, it won’t change the circumstances, but it will keep you in a more comfortable sensory zone, a harbinger of better options.
  1. If you need to take any action to ensure your safety, comfort, or protection, act immediately. Don’t wait until later or wave your arms in fear. Calmly, do what you have to do and do it.
  1. Take the time to plan. Take a day or a few hours to explore all the possibilities. Consider all of your options and get an overview of the various potential strategies. Thinking calmly like this should give you peace of mind. Without it, you probably have all kinds of “ideas” running around in your head, but there will be no obvious direction for your energy.
  1. Think about how fear and insecurity affect your choices. Most people will succumb to extreme caution and fall into the jaws of fear. Perhaps the courage to act may be the factor that puts you in a much better place on the other side of uncertainty.
  1. Act on your fear. This can seem rude and unpleasantly contradictory. Think about it. Do you want to live your life in fear? The interesting thing about fear is that once we act, fear dissolves into the same old mirages.

We are left to reflect on the stupidity that we almost allowed to defeat us. The rush of excitement from overcoming fear is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Don’t mistake this for the mindless exploits of the daredevils. It is about overcoming the mental structures that hinder our full development.

Don’t trust the security paradigm in times of uncertainty. See how you can move forward through Daily Reckoning articles despite the uncertainty and fear. Don’t be afraid of action.