The Different Colors Of Heart Emojis And Their Unique Meaning

Not too long ago, the heart shape only meant that you have certain feelings for someone. Now, the heart comes in the form of different emojis and along with unique colors too. The meaning of the heart emoji varies through its color. Users of heart emojis now have a broader scope of representation on which heart emoji to use in a particular situation. 

With this fact, you must know the different colors of the heart emoji and their unique meanings. The last thing or scenario that you want to happen is sending the wrong heart emoji color and giving the other end the wrong idea. The reason for the different colors is for the various purposes that it represents. So, being precise in how you use a particular heart emoji color is crucial.

Use these heart emoji colors on your conversation, chats, texts, or group chats. You can also bring these heart emoji colors out whenever you deem necessary. But, before you spam any heart emoji color, you should know what each color means.

Blue Heart Emoji

One of the many flexible heart emoji colors is the blue heart emoji. If you want to represent any feelings of trust, harmony, and peace, then the blue heart emoji should come as the perfect symbol to use. Use it to the people and situations that it represents best. You can use this emoji to accent a text to a special someone to let them know that you completely trust them.

Of course, the people’s scope to send this emoji does not end in your partners alone. You can send this to your officemate, who you always work with side by side. Let them know that you appreciate the connection, and you trust that the future working together is bright with this blue heart emoji. 

In terms of movements, the blue heart emoji also represents Autism Awareness. Show your support for all of your friends with Autism. Use this emoji as an accent to your appreciation post on Instagram or any social media platform.

Red Heart Emoji

It should be pretty much safe to say that almost all of us know what the classic red heart emoji represents. The meaning of this red heart symbol represents the burning passion and love you have for a specific person. Convey your feelings of romance and passion by sending this emoji to your special someone. Accent any love texts, chat, or post with this classic love symbol.

You can also use this to any texts or chat towards friends. One thing is for sure; love does not know any boundaries. Show people that you genuinely love them for who they are with this red heart emoji. You can never go wrong with using the textbook love symbol that everyone knows.

The red heart emoji should be perfect for any special occasions involving your relationship with your partner. Why not appreciate your partner by spamming the red heart emoji so that he or she never forgets your feelings towards them.

Black Heart Emoji

One thing that is completely common on the Internet today is dark humor. Anyone should see dark humor in any form from the popular social media platforms. So, users should already have a clue by now what dark humor is like. This dark humor idea is what the black heart emoji represents among Internet users.

The black heart emoji also has different meanings and uses than the one stated above. One purpose of the black heart emoji comes in the different contexts of the red heart emoji. With this fact, the black heart emoji represents any feelings of morbidity or sorrow. Use the black heart emoji in any sorrowful situation that you may find yourself in.

Yellow Heart Emoji

The yellow heart emoji should get the job done if you want to express your feelings of love and adoration to your friends. Sometimes, using a red heart emoji towards a “friend” can get some things mixed up. You can use the yellow heart emoji to be specific on which type of love you feel about them. Signify your happiness in your friendship by using this heart emoji.

The yellow heart emoji has an entirely different take on Snapchat. Anyone that you snap the most will appear beside this yellow heart.

Green Heart Emoji

The green heart emoji has a lot more meaning than love for St. Patrick’s day alone. This heart emoji color is also another name for the jealous heart emoji. Another meaning of the green heart emoji is the love for organic living. Show your love for anything natural and healthy by accenting your posts with the green heart emoji.

You may want to think twice when you send this emoji to the person or people that you are passionate about. This heart emoji also indicates feelings of envy. Unless you have a feud or beef with that person, there should be no reason to send this heart emoji to your closest friends.


The best realization of these heart emojis is to use them in the right context. You would not want the other end of the conversation to find themselves confused because the emoji contradicts the text. The reason for the different colors of the heart emoji is for you to avoid that confusion. Now, you will not have any problem with picking the best heart emoji for a suitable situation.