What Differentiates Corporate Branding And Product Branding?

When we mention branding, there are several categories you need to be aware of. Most people can’t differentiate between corporate branding and product branding. Although both apply to your business, knowing the difference and which to go for is imperative. Many branding agency services include corporate and product branding. Any company can use either of them as a branding strategy, but it depends on the result you’re looking for. Your choice of branding also depends on the circumstance it is being used. To understand better, this article breaks down what corporate branding and product branding is. We also talk about the differences to help you determine the ideal branding for you; let’s begin.

What Product Branding Is

Your product is usually the main focus of advertising and marketing campaigns. However, product branding focuses on each product on its own. It is a type of branding where the product stands on its own. When you use product branding, each product is marketing on its own. Some popular products have a website and social media page of their own. When you approach a digital branding agency for their branding agency services for product branding, the company remains in the shadow. All focus is on the product and its value to customers.

What Corporate Branding is

Corporate branding is a bit different but is a service offered by the Vancouver branding agency. It does not place focus on a single product. Instead, the brand focuses on the company as a whole and its reputation. The company and its products present to the public as a whole and a complete package. Corporate branding aims to evoke the right feeling from customers to patronize the company’s products and services. Corporate branding for startups shapes the company’s image and not a particular product. Every product advertises as a part of the company and not a standalone brand on its own.

What are the Differences?

Although they sound alike, there’s a lot of differences between product and corporate branding. Let’s take a quick glance at some differences.


When seeking a digital branding agency for branding agency services, you need to be clear about your message. Corporate branding uses a general message to capture everything the company offers. It also captures the company’s spirit. Product branding is specific and only features the qualities of a product.

Branding Across Sectors

Corporate branding allows you cut across different sectors because your focus is on all products that might belong in various sectors. Product branding is a little different. Since your focus is on a particular product, you can only focus on a sector.


Corporate branding and product branding also have different timelines. Corporate branding is about the company’s reputation and lasts for a long time. Product branding tends to change with the market and is not focused on long-term use.