Working with a car crash lawyer in Pueblo, CO

Auto accidents are rather common in Colorado. If you end up in an unfortunate crash, you would want to know your rights and the local laws. All car accidents in Colorado must be reported, if there was injury, death, or property damage involved, and that basically covers most accidents. If you were at fault, this can significantly impact the amount of compensation you get. Talking to a known car crash lawyer in Pueblo, CO can actually help your case. Here are some quick facts to know before working with an attorney. 

Finding personal injury attorneys

The scope of personal injury law is huge. You have to consider the experience of a personal injury attorney with regards to car accidents and crashes in particular. Ask around to find references if you can, and if that’s not an option, check online. Websites like Avvo are really handy for comparing personal injury attorneys and finding good names. Also, most of the big firms in Colorado have their own websites, so you can find details easily. 

Be honest

Colorado follows what is known as the ‘modified comparative negligence’ rule. If your share of fault in a car crash is more than or equal to 50%, you cannot recover anything at all. In other cases, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver, but your settlement will be reduced by your fault in percentage. Keep in mind that the modified comparative negligence rule is a tricky one, and the other party’s insurer may use that against you. Ensure that your attorney is aware of the actual accident facts. 

Cost of hiring an attorney

Personal injury lawyers in Pueblo usually work on a contingency fee. This means that the lawyer won’t charge a fee, if they don’t win! If the lawyer wins a financial settlement for you, they will take a fixed percentage of the same as their fee, usually ranging between 25% and 40%. Ask the lawyer about the costs of the case, and do enquire if they can advance other costs and expenses on your behalf, until you win. 

If you are hiring an injury attorney, you should do that as early as possible. Your attorney will investigate the case, gather evidence, and ensure that you get the best possible settlement. Also, let your lawyer handle every aspect of the insurance claim, so that you don’t have to deal with claims adjuster directly.