Types of Display Counters to Showcase Fragile Items – Are They Worth the Hype?

More and more shop owners are starting to use display counters to showcase certain fragile items. And this popularity has many reasons. If you’ve been wanting to buy display counters for your store but aren’t able to decide whether or not they’re worth the hype, then this guide has all the answers. We will also be taking you through the many types of display showcases that you can choose from. So, let’s get started!

Types of Display Counters to Choose From

Before we can take you through the benefits, we’d like to walk you through the aisles of variety that you can choose from. Have a look!

  1. Styles of Display Counters

Display showcases at reputable sellers such as Displetech have 3 iconic styles: frame-less display showcases, full view display showcases, and half view display showcases. The type you choose will entirely depend upon your preference.

  1. Materials for Display Counters

The three invaluable materials that are used to manufacture display counters are wood, aluminum, and glass. All these materials look stunning and have features and benefits of their own. The type you choose will entirely depend upon what you’re putting on display. Some of the best options that you can buy include the following.

  • 48″ aluminum edge store wall display cabinet.
  • Corner counter with aluminum structure.
  • Full view cashier counter with aluminum structure.
  • Glass tower with adjustable shelves.
  • 48″ and 72″ full vision counters in maple wood.
  • Corner triangular glass counters.

Now that you have an idea about the variety, let’s take you through the benefits of Display counters.

3 Benefits of Display Counters You Should Know Before Purchasing One

  1. Safety Counters for Jewelry Stores and Showrooms

Display counters for jewelry stores offer protection and safety from shoplifters since all the jewelry is put to display inside the safety of Display counters. They’re equally invaluable to display expensive watches and wallets.

  1. They Grab the Eyes of Customers

When you display the entire variety of watches, rings, earrings, wallets, or any other fragile item that you have, customers get a decent idea of what to expect. So, you should use display counters to showcase your best products. It will attract customers and skyrocket your sales.

  1. They Protect Fragile Items

Sometimes, things can get a bit risky with kids running around the store. It can put your fragile items at risk of damage. Besides, toddlers can easily access items put on display in the open. Whichever the case, when you put fragile items behind the protection of Display counters, it reduces the risk of damage while making sure that customers still get a very good look at the variety you have to offer.

In a nutshell, using display counters is one of the best options to increase sales while minimizing the risk of damage and shoplifting. Hence, display counters such as comptoirs magasin Displetech are absolutely worth the hype and popularity.