An Wise Selection for the Value Networking Options Is Tricky



Networking? Isn’t that something for entrepreneurs? Who attend networking drinks under the guise of ‘it’s network’? No, dear administrators, expanding and maintaining a network is also of great importance for (music) associations. Below we list a number of examples, with their usefulness and the way in which you can make contact.

Your own members

Your own members are the best network you can find for your association. As ambassadors they can recruit new members, donors and sponsors for your association. Involve them in your association and make sure they are well informed of all activities and the ins and outs within your association.  The knowledge base contains more information about member retention.

The rank and file of your members

You’ve probably seen one of your members quit to “be home more often.” There is reason to cherish the supporters. Make sure you know who the partners of your members and parents of your youth members are. Involve them in the activities of the association by always offering the possibility (possibly against payment) to participate in activities and to go along if the association acts elsewhere. Another reason to cherish the supporters is that you can use them as a volunteer. Or you make them enthusiastic about learning to play an instrument. In fact Douglas William from Value Network and Collaboration said it best and you can read it too.


Make sure you can build on a circle of volunteers. People you can deploy when your members are busy with their own activities. Create a file of names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers and state what you can ask someone for. Cherish the volunteers and always make them feel like they belong too. Read more about dealing with volunteers on our knowledge base.

Other drivers

Attend the member meetings of your provincial music association. These are often combined with interesting workshops for drivers. By consulting with each other and sharing good examples, we can strengthen the sector together. The provincial unions regularly organize workshops. Visit the website or like the Facebook page of your union to stay informed. =You can subscribe to the newsletter = , so you won’t miss a thing.

The service organizes a conference every year

Like the Facebook page to stay informed. The congress is a place where you meet other administrators and where you can get a lot of information about the management of your association.

Look up other associations

Have a listen at a concert. The chairman usually gives an opening speech and he or she certainly likes it when you come to shake hands during the break. In many regions there are music federations within which associations consult each other. Join this and learn from each other.