Here is a Detailed Introduction to Rosin

Rosin is considered to be the hottest new concentrate available on the block, and everybody is trying to fetch in as many details as possible about it. We have accumulated all the necessary information in this blog for you to dig deeper into it and get all your queries resolved. Everything ranging from the basic rosin production to the best instruments to use have been discussed here.

What is rosin?

Rosin is the overall process of extracting the oils, which accounts for the uniqueness of the cannabis plants. This oil is responsible for the striking taste and smell of cannabis, and the extraction process is conducted through heat and pressure. The entire process is fairly simple and doesn’t need any foreign substances. No solvents or substances like butane or propane are used for the oil production. The final product is very potent and tastes and smells exactly like the strain it has been extracted from.  

What is a rosin press?

A rosin press is a machine which uses a couple of heated plates to provide succulent pressure to the cannabis material, like the buds, hash or kief. This, in turn, causes the terpenes and cannabinoids to seep out in an oily format called rosin. Rosin has become an extremely popular extraction process because it is solventless and easy.

How to make rosin?

Making rosin is a very simple task and requires minimal equipment and minimal investment. It can also be produced at home for less than $500 or you can buy from reputable brands at the same price.

A typical rosin set-up

A normal rosin set-up consists of a rosin press and a starting material of choices like cannabis flowers, kief or bubble hash. It also consists of rosin filter extraction bags and parchment paper, unbleached if possible. Heat, pressure and time are the three components that are needed to determine the quality of the final product.

Starting material

The starting materials normally preferred are bubble hash, flowers, kief or high-quality trims that can be pressed. But one must understand that each material is going to give you a different quality and quantity of yields. Pressing the flowers will give you the best quality rosin but it might not be good in yield.

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