How to Use the Pomodoro Technique Efficiently


The Pomodoro technique. Well, you’ve heard of it. An Italian entrepreneur devised it. It’s about a great 25 minutes. The Pomodoro technique is extensively recognized for splitting any task into sets of 25 minutes work and five minutes break. 

If you know only that and you suppose you couldn’t do much in only 25 minutes, you might as well consider that this technique is not suited for you. But guess what? It is. Francesco Cirillo created it for studying and came up with the standard and ideal length: 25 minutes of concentration and focus. 

If you choose to work on this technique, you’ll be able to remove your multitasking routine. You can concentrate more  on your work. You can get more tasks done as you’ll have a perception of urgency. You can develop higher levels of focus and willpower. Lastly, you can reduce stress levels since you are doing one task at a time.

Well, that’s just an intro of what your life will be like  using the Pomodoro technique. So, let’s discuss how we can improve this time-blocking habit.

The Pomodoro Technique

There have already been plenty of credible sources such as Lifehack and The Muse who have proven through their research that using the Pomodoro Technique works. So what is the Pomodoro Technique? Basically it is a strategy which you can apply to almost anything, from work to hobbies. 

The Pomodoro Technique utilizes the help of a Tomato Timer to help you properly break down your tasks into smaller parts while taking short yet strategic pauses in between. The Timer helps prompt you when it’s time to take a break before continuing to another task. This enables you to always be “fresh” and capable of doing the next task to do hence helping you to complete the entire objective faster.

Breaks are a must.

When your timer rings, stop working. Stand up, stretch, and take a break. It’s time for your mind to unwind and to get rejuvenated for your next task. Use your break well. Grab your favorite snack. Do uncomplicated exercises. Make a cup of coffee. Go to the comfort room. It does not matter what you make actually, as long as you’re getting a pleasant and comfortable break.

Avoid shifting between distinct tasks.

Context shifts are damaging for people. It takes around 25 minutes to get back to a similar flow state when we are disrupted during a chore. 

When you’re at work on a particular task, you need to remember a significant amount of information, but our brain has a constrained ability to remember things in an analogy. By restricting to only one chore per Pomodoro, you make it simple to be efficient.

Work out your willpower.

There are countless tools and apps that will keep off interruptions for you. They will stop you from going to specific websites. They’ll play white noise to assist you with focus and so much more.

But what about utilizing your inner energy to drive towards accomplishing your goals. To reinforce your determination to get more done. Work out your willpower to attain concentration and focus. Opt to be productive.

Get rid of burnout.

You have attained the end of the day, and you’re already worn out. You feel similar to this every single day, and don’t have an idea of how everybody can avoid it. How can people still have extracurricular endeavors? Where do they get extra energy?

Well, you, too, can have it. You don’t need to reach the end of the day with no ability even to contemplate having a chat, let alone genuinely getting a conversation! The Pomodoro technique is efficient at maintaining people to be fresh by taking breaks and rests after every session.

Be open to modifications.

Pomodoro is only a guide to help you boost your productivity. For specific tasks, it may be better to adjust the timing intervals. However, feel free to modify the ranges based on how you perceive what’s fit for your studying style. Always remember that discipline and focus are absolute essentials.

Final Thoughts

Getting tasks done is difficult, notably if you have to do things for yourself. If you have a hectic schedule, consider the Pomodoro Technique. It is a beautiful way to get through your responsibilities. 

Right at this moment, set a 25-minute timer on your cell phone for your next chore. Then, take a break. Concentrate on the task at hand and nothing else. As soon as the timer rings, take a 5-minute rest and go away from your working space. Congratulations, you’ve finished your first Pomodoro!